Overview Edit

Support is a very versitile class that new players may not enjoy as much as Assault. However as the only class that can heal and fight at the same time, he's a must-have for a team. On default Support is an american male equipped with: Combat Shotgun, Magnum Revolver, Heal greanade and a Heal Bubble as an ability.

Ability Edit

Support's Heal Bubble when activated, creates a safe zone. It blocks incomming shots shile allowing outgoing shots and healing allies at the same time. Do note however that players as well as NPCs can pass through it and hit whoever is inside. It will also NOT revive a downed teammate in Survival or Harvest game modes.


As a support think about upgrading the skill "damage reduced in healing bubble" using your healing bubble when strong ennemies are incoming with this skill is an effecient way to limit damages to a maximum.

Your healing grenade will heal you even if you are not in it's range when detonating