Overview Edit

Recon is the third, and the last class aviable at the start (unless you bought Pioneer or Elite edition). She is not the most played class but she can be one of the best players in your team if played right. On standard Recon is an american female equipped with Silenced SMG, Auto Pistol, EMP Grenade and Cloaking as an ability.

Ability Edit

Recon's Cloaking is an escape/ambush ability. When activated, Recon goes into stealth mode. While in it, she is invisible BUT only while standing still or crouching. Shooting, blinking, throwing grenades, etc. breaks the Cloaking. Recon can move while using Cloack however her outline will still be visible. On top of that she makes loud noises similar to silent vacum cleaners.


As a recon you can use your stealth to revive teammates while invisible